Christ Church Children & Youth Ministry follows Jesus’ call to...

   Gather as a community of acceptance and support.

   Transform ourselves by exploring our faith.

   Engage in loving and serving others with compassion.

Youth AM

2nd - 5th Sundays of the month at 10 am

Youth gather for lectionary based bible study. We offer a question-based discussion group for middle school students. High school students are encouraged to join their family in worship. Middle school youth will join their families following the peace. Make sure you introduce yourself to our dedicated volunteer Sunday School teachers.

Youth PM


Each week youth group gathers for fellowship, plays a wild and wacky game, explores one of the topics chosen by the group at the beginning of this year, and shares a meal. Every week the youth play a game and split up into Middle School and High School groups for a lesson. Youth are then welcome to stay after 6pm for a half-hour of provided dinner together. Every third Sunday we’ll go on outings into the Community like Bowling or Movie nights. We also hold special events like our Annual Super Bowl Flag Football Competition and a Christmas Party. At the start and end of the year we also have overnight retreats. 

Support Our Ministry

  • Volunteer with Youth AM or Youth PM
  • Provide Dinners for Youth PM
  • Join the Children and Youth ministry team
  • Plan and host special events and fundraisers
  • Pray for the youth of our church
  • Help clean and organizing program supplies and spaces

At Christ Church your child's safety is of highest import. All clergy, staff, and volunteers who work with children and youth have participated in the training program Called to Right Relationship, which sets standards of behavior pertaining to the physical and emotional safety of children and youth.

Youth in Church

1st Sundays at the 10:15am service

On first Sundays of the month children and youth will experience the full service. There will be no Sunday School on 1st Sundays. Youth are always welcome to participate in the full service and are invited to contribute to the service by becoming an acolyte, reader, usher, and more.

Confirm not Conform

Scheduled Sundays 12 - 2 pm

We will be offering a short intensive Confirmation program this Spring for those that are interested. We hope to offer a full-year program in 2018/2019. We use a program called “Confirm Not Conform” which gives you plenty of space to try and figure out what you believe and let’s you compare that to all the “official” stuff that the church says. This is a great chance for you to question the stuff about God and faith and spirituality that your parents have told you, that the church tells you, and that society in general tells you. You’ll need to decide for yourself what you want to keep and what you want to drop, and whether or not you want to get confirmed at the end of all this.

Every child that is involved in our program, from our nursery to the Graduating Senior Trip need to have a current form on file. This year we have three different forms based on age group. One for Infants/Toddlers, one for Children, and one for Youth. This is meant to help streamline the process. Siblings can still be placed on the same form together, so you only need to go to the link that applies to your oldest child. Please click the button below if your oldest child is teenager over 12. If your oldest child is a child or infant/toddler, find your way to our children page for a participation form there!

Middle School Immersion Trip

Every year our Middle School Students go on a local immersion trip that allows them time to explore and build into their Bay Area Community. This year's trip will be from June 25th-29th, 2018 and we will be based in Berkeley. Check out details in the slideshow below.

High School Immersion Trip

Every year our High School Students travel in and out of state to immerse themselves in a new culture and serve in new and exciting ways together. This year we will be going to Healdsburg, CA for Northern California Fire Relief from July 28th-Aug. 4th. Check out details in the slideshow below.